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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  January 12, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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. now,abc 2news at 5:30. >> getting up to the minute on the top stories, a major update to a story we have been following for more than a year and a half. the truck driver who killed a mother and seriously injured her son will spend five-years in prison. he was driving a mac truck pulling three trailers outside cleveland in 2012. he fell asleep, slamming in to a ford focus. the crash killed susan flattery and her son suffered serious brain injuries. he now needs a wheelchair and has made huge sides in his recovery. police have arrested a second suspect involved in an attack on officers late last month. the 40-year-old is facing several charges including assault, officers were trying to arrest him when they say another man charged at them from across the street, hit one
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of the officers and pinned him down. the officers subdued him but in the process the first suspect got away. and the company linked to a deadly listeria outbreak is a accused of ignoring the fda. bio feed safety did a safety audit and gave the farm near perfect marks. despite finding major problems. the september outbreak killed 30 people including one from maryland. the cdc said it was the worst outbreak in more than a quarter century. well it was another beautiful spring like day in january but looks like winter is about to make a come back. your ride to work tomorrow could be a slick one. let's check in with wyatt. he has a look at the changing forecast. >> today's temperatures just sort of teasing us because the reality is it's the gates about to get slammed on us as we go
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overnight. these numbers will feel like 20s and 30s through most of the day. you can already see rain showers in western maryland. that's the leads edge of what will be a storm system that will wrap in cold air in the state and probably some brief winter showers in the morning as well. we could see slick spots on the road as this weather maker crosses through the area. here i think mainly a round of rain toward daybreak with brief winter showers and temperatures dropping like a rock as we go into the day tomorrow. enjoy a few more hours of a pleasant evening in the 50s. it's all about the change. we will talk about how it'll impact your weekend coming up. >> thank you. for the 4th year in a row the public schools have been ranked first in the nation. education week gave the state a letter grade of a, b plus -- a b plus in its report. the report analyzes policies
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and student achievements. there is yet another first for the schools tonight in one county. as jeff tells you for the first time in decades hartford can boast not a single school is over crowded. >> reporter: you can still spot heavy machine near edgewood. the construction here and throughout the county is over and students reaping the benefits. >> this is the very first time in 20 years that hartford can say there are no over crowded schools . >> reporter: in a bid to land new jobs leaders advance funded $90 million weigh spending 300 million to build and renovate schools, eliminating the fled for more than a hundred portable classes. this year's surplus will help the county take away the buildings. the process of redistricting students may have saved the county as much as it spent. >> would it have been sensible for us to continue to say we
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have 3500 empty seats and not redistrict? i think that has to be brought up to a level at the state level when they decide whether they will move forward with school construction. >> reporter: the county executive spoke of hartford's achievements to play catch up elsewhere around the state. >> the governor mead the announcement they will have $370 million for school construction. that equals what we did. >> reporter: it begs the question of whether the republican craig has not only built schools but also built up his resume to pursue a higher office. >> you want to run for governor? >> i will be running for something, yes. >> reporter: in hartford abc 2news. >> while three elementary schools will need renovations david craig said the county shouldn't need to build any schools for five years. the development disabilities administration has come under fire. they help support harry landers
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who have disabilities. last year it was found that many were put on a waiting list while over $37 million of state funds went unused. today in annapolis a state committee was briefed on the progress by frank kirkland. >> redoing the whole fiscal process, working with the providers and the resource coordinators to make sure people get into services as quickly as possible. we have funding available from the alcohol tax that we are tracking getting people on the services. we have placed 138 in the service this is year with the funding already. >> budget managers have been replaced and some new proceed yous are underway. consultants will be flight to see if other changes need to be made. the city council president jack young wants the mayor to forget about the grande prix. he claims that there are other things that need to be addressed and that things like
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rec centers, pools and benefits for the young and older citizens being affected as a result. the mayor disagrees and says it's not about what looks good now. >> the thing about it is you have to be able to do more than just one thing it to be mayor -- require that you think big, that you do big things and that you build this on the thing that matter most to people and my track record show i'm able to multitask and do all of that and i continue to look for his support just like he supported us when we brought in the idea of the grande prix. >> baltimore city has ended the five-year contract with the racing development group due to $12 million of taxes and fees owed to the city. a search is on for a new organizer. glass falling a building crashes to the ground below. unbelievable video of a piece of glass that fell onto an area
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where people normally take breaks. why it wasn't the first time it's happened. >> it's a state with a reputation for having nasty politics. i will tell you about the fight for south carolina. [ male announcer ] what makes the weekends so memorable? ♪ maybe it's the things you do or the things you really want to do. ♪ whatever it is, kfc's new weekend bucket makes the weekend even more unforgettable.
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. a panel of glass fell eight storeys a building to the ground in downtown sacramento. a newspaper happened to be there and caught it on video. the piece of glass fell from the building and smashed in to pieces where some workers usually stand outside and take their smoke breaks. they checked the other 6,000 windows on the building and found in other cracks. back in 2005 several panels cracked and fell from the same building, engineers blamed a heat wave for damaging the panels and causing them to fall. check this out. a close up view of a sinking cargo ship off the coast of new zealand. it ran aground last year and split into two. its been sinking further under water, leaking oil and dropping containers of hazardous metal into the sea. authorities don't believe the
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metal poses an environment risk. some are calling for the wreck to be left as an artificial roof and an attraction for divers. people had to makuta run for it at the atlanta boat show after a water tank collapsed. it sent thousands of gallons on to the show floor. the tank was used by -- was to be used by wakeboards for athletes. the boats were fined, the -- it delayed the opening of shout by a few hours. the players have been practicing now for two weeks, the fans gearing up but is the stadium ready? an inside look at the stadium as it prepares to host it's first home playoff game in five- years. and we give i a sneak peek of some of the newest thing that could end up in your living room, kitchen or bedroom.
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. get ready, sunday will be baltimore's day to shine. folks working at the stadium want to make sure the field sparkles in that spotlight and that means a fresh paint job. we show you the hard work they are involved in to get it done. >> reporter: for shaun coffman to succeed the stars must be aligned. >> it's a big part of what we do and i think it everybody appreciates the brightness. >> reporter: he and his boss spend one day a week during football season putting paint to canvas and this is one big canvas. >> make it look playoff ready. >> reporter: for sunday's big game there is a little more work. >> then we are adding logos for the playoffs, we will be back tomorrow to do that.
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we will do a little start and work on them today but finish them tomorrow. >> three different shades of gray along with white in the playoff logo. the white under coat will brighten up the gray. . >> reporter: is he a veteran of field art. >> first time i painted we used -- we were still using chalk. the greatest job in the world. they say if you love what you do you never work a day in your life. i haven't worked for 20 years. >> reporter: when everybody is excited about the game the work seems to stand out even more. >> people come and say the field looks great. what did you do? we didn't do anything extra extra. >> reporter: regular is plenty good enough. at the stadium, abc 2news. >> we will be relentless with the ravens coverage. that includes our special on sunday morning with jamie and hall of famer scott, as the broadcast live from the press box tailgate near the stadium.
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mothers also in federal hills. as we get you ready to watch the first home playoff game in five-years, on the way to indy starts sunday morning at 9:00. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> looking forward to sunday. temperatures a lot different than the warm stuff today. in fact dramaticly so. 55 degrees after hitting near 60 in the city earlier today. winds southeasterly at three miles an hour. that's a warm breeze. blue skies over the state, helping to warm things up after a pretty chilly night. temperatures rebounding, look at -- a mix of sun and clouds and a great sunset to finish things out. take you way east. you see the cloud deck. that's the leading edge. down at beach none of that so
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far. a beautiful day, again everything about to really change and be more january like. asset showers on the radar extending toward come cumberland. average high just 41 degrees, about the coldest part of the entire year normally and today we are up around 60, 54 in easton, still ocean city at 50. light south winds warms things up and 60 there in downtown. the changes on the way. light rain west of hagerstown. even storms in to west havev. that's the leading edge of a strong system. this is a cold front coming through, this will bring in a
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significant cold blast and along with that you see snow showers, being drawn through the great lakes in to northern illinois, chicago with the snow, some snow on the back side of this system back into central tennessee and again it's that cold blast contrasting with the warm air sparking that, 28 from nah nashville to cincinnati and teens behind that. we won't get into the teen here but we will see 20s and take a look. there is the rain source toward two. we are dry this evening. wind showers changing to winter. brief snow in the morning, could make for slick spots. drive with care in the morning and then just cloudy and cooler and windy through the day and that will hold up into saturday a cold weekend on the wait a minute the forecast, northwest breeze five to ten. its going to be a chilly one.
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overnight 34, turning colder, winter showers toward daybreak. 40 tomorrow during the day and tomorrow night down to 28 as the temperatures drop and they will stay cold through the weekend. temperatures not getting out of the 30s saturday and maybe not out of the mid-30s on sunday. a cold morning for tailgating but great day nonetheless. >> thank you. and tonight it's getting a little heated on the campaign trail with mitt romney zeroing in on the nomination. . >> reporter: the remaining nominees know that south carolina could be do or die. it's a state also where have you to be tough. an age old tradition for south carolina. in 2000 mccain was hit hard by
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anonymous george bush supporters. mccain eventually lost. now if appearance it's getting nasty again. money is going in to the state for campaign ads and not the positive kind. the group supporting romney is calling begin give desperate. >> his attacks are foolish, out of bounds and disgusting. don't be fooled. >> reporter: while again give is using a family about the romney family dog. >> this is a completely air tight kettle and not on the -- on the top of the car. he climbed up there. >> reporter: after winning twice romney is looking for the primary hat trick. since the 80s voters have picked the candidate who eventually went onto be the nominee. perhaps it's no surprise that the other candidates aren't holding back. >> have a candidate who talks
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about enjoying firing people, who seems to be so detached from the problems americans are facing today that makes you unelectable. >> aren't you looking for someone you can trust? what would give you the idea that someone who changes his position is someone you can trust? >> reporter: there are millions going in to the advertising in south carolina. take this, santorum's campaign plans to spend 1.5 million and the same for a -- [inaudible] anywhere, any time soon. >> >> campaign is bring in the big bucks, it raised more than $42 million in the past three months and the democratic national committee brought in another 24 million, that is better than the $60 million the campaign was hoping to raise between october and december. the president's campaign manager said more than a million people have contributed
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to the president's campaign since it kicked off in april of last year. >> all right. coming up at six, you know many parents check out the sex offender registry before buying a house. for concerned pet owners there is no way to know if your dog will be safe. there is a new proposal that could lead to an animal abuser legislation industry. and why not combine your resolution with something healthy for the family? tips forgetting fit with your kids.
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. in tonight's consume ear alert you know the tech love everies go for the super cool
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thing that border on science fiction. this year item that could fit in your pocket. we have the details. >> reporter: this year's consumer electronics show in las vegas has brought plenty for the nontechie, items for just about every area of the average person's life. >> we are seeing changes to a lot of things that are already in powerlines, maybe it's a better show for the main stream consumer than it often is. >> reporter: the year was called by many as the year of the tablet, it has its limitations though. >> i think you are seeing a number of solutions in this space because people love tablets but one of the disadvantage is they don't have the keyboard, it's not as easy to do real work on them. >> reporter: this year's show features lots of ultra bookers, slimmer and lighter laptops bridging the gaps. 3d tvs were a hot trend last
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year but the average consumer wasn't buying so this year brings bigger 2d tvs with better resolution and picture. though the digital camera and the camcorder have been bigfooted by smart phones there are new thing there is to with new device was the web and social media. the association predicts record industry revenue in 2012, driven mainly by smart phone sales. >> the mothers who held a nurse in at target stores last month have a new target, why they are taking on seasame street. that's tonight at six. . >> now, abc 2news at six. >> would you like to know if animal abusers live in your neighborhood? could we see a registration for them? that story is coming up. and we have been following
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their family struggling, the day they have been waiting for has arrived. the sentence handed down to the driver responsible for their pain. and the county bragging it has enough schools and no portable classrooms are needed. first some of you were driving with the top down today in the windows open as we enjoyed a near 60-degree day but winter wants to make sure we know it's still there. there could be snow in the future. let's go to wyatt in the storm center. >> you get the days where we did hit 60 downtown. right now it's still in the mid50s. a clear, comfortable evening. people saying what's all the worry? of course this can't last in mid-january. we know that. to the west we see the big change on the way. big storm system and mainly what we will feel here is the cold blast. some rain showers tonight with this and some


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